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Hapi homes is a leading expert in delivering pre-engineered building solutions worldwide, utilizing advanced light steel frame systems.

At hapi homes, every square inch is meticulously engineered to optimize space. We’ve built our entire company around simplifying your modern home purchase, ensuring it’s hassle-free, dependable, and thoroughly delightful from start to finish.


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We offer bespoke design services tailored to your individual needs. If our existing models don’t quite match your vision, our team of expert designers is here to create a space that’s exclusively yours. Connect with us, and let’s build your dream home, detail by perfect detail.

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Getting started with a Hapi Home couldn’t be any easier. Our range in price and aesthetic, we don’t compromise on quality or design, and our clients love the fact that our homes are ready to ship in less than six weeks.

With concierge-level service from the blueprint to delivery, you have a dedicated Hapi Home expert with you for every part of the process.